Tuesday, July 28, 2009

parang cellphone lang...

Jercyl: ...is watching a news segment about prepaid electricity. Parang cellphone lang ah...

Dennis: astig yan! pag naubusan ka ng kuryente, baka pwedeng magpasa-volt sa mga friends mo. :p

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I dream of...breakfast?!?

I usually don't dream. Well, I do, but not the kind that happens when I sleep. But the other night, I dreamed of making a sandwich for myself. I think it was the absence of other images, movements, and colors apart from the sandwich-making that finally clued me in to the dream. There was only that slow, and almost deliberate, action of preparing the bread (it was wheat, I'm sure of it), cheese, and some cold cuts; which I found weird because honestly, I don't like cold cuts on my sandwiches.

I'm assuming that the sandwich was for breakfast. Anything beyond wheat bread and peanut butter I can only make an effort to prepare first thing in the morning when I'm at my best.

Could I possibly be dreaming of food because I'm broke and fear I'll be starving soon? Or could it be the other way around? Am I overeating...more than usual? Qué horror!

Sufficiently curious and eager for explanations other than my fanciful thoughts, I decided to let Google settle the matter once and for all. And here's what I found:

Generally speaking, food in dream usually refers to food for thoughts, ideas, new beliefs, etc. They are ideas you take in and digest mentally.

To dream about breakfast, indicates the start of a new project or the beginning of a new stage in your life. Alternatively, your mind may already be thinking ahead on what to make for breakfast in the morning. It is not uncommon for your fleeting thoughts to be incorporated into your dream.

To see bread in your dream, represents the basic needs of life. Bread may signify the positive qualities and great things you have learned on your journey of life. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to rise above the situation or rise for the occasion.

To see cheese in your dream, symbolizes gains and profits. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for something that is "cheesy" or lame. Or it could be saying that you need to smile more.

...and since I couldn't find the meaning for cold cuts, I'm choosing the closest one I could find...
To dream that you are eating ham, indicates that you need to preserve your energy. To see hams in your dream, indicates that you are experiencing some emotional difficulties. The symbol may also be metaphor to suggest your desire for attention.
(Source: http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamthemes/food.htm)

Hmmmm...I forgot just how rich in meanings and undertones dreams often are. But then again, maybe I really just love to eat.

(Image from the Internet)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Day - 21 Guns

Il faut casser le noyau pour avoir l'amande. J'aime beaucoup Green Day...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chasing Buses

My first time to watch an episode of this Koreanovela currently running at GMA 7 and I immediately saw a dramatic "chasing the bus scene". I wonder what's with all of these chasing buses and cars stuff. Most of the Koreanovelas I loved, and even the Taiwanese Meteor Garden I got addicted to before, have variations of those.

It's certainly melodramatic and a bit over the top sometimes. But, melodrama notwithstanding, I kind of think chasing buses, cars, or even bicycles is sweet. The fact that most people would probably cringe in embarrassment with just the thought of doing it makes it endearing.

I'm not sure though which role I'd enjoy doing more if I were to play the part either in reel or for real. Being chased has its appeals, imagine the comfort of just sitting in a bus and the added bonus of finally seeing such raw feelings from someone. But then again, between helplessly looking at something slowly fade away and completely losing myself in the moment by trying to reach something I couldn't, I'd probably choose the latter.


Friday, July 3, 2009


My friend invited me to dinner tonight, her treat, since I'm already leaving this Sunday. She suggested that we meet at Starbucks in Harbor View Plaza, CCP Complex first then just choose where to have dinner from among the wide array of restaurants there.

I was at the meeting place early so I had plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the view. And oh my, what a view it was! I forgot how beautiful the sunset at Manila Bay could be. Without consciously doing so, I chose a table outside of Starbucks that afforded me a good view of both the bay and the plaza itself.

It was at that moment of sitting there waiting for my friend that I realized how significant the place has been to me. It was there that I learned more about discipline, focus, hard work, determination, and teamwork. Seeing what the place has become made me think that nothing ever really stays the same. Things evolve into something. It is hard to say if the change is for the better or worse. There would always be different perspectives in regard to that. From where I stand, Harbor View gives more people a chance to see and experience the beauty of the place.

I am among those who are lucky to have years worth of memories there - of early morning runs at CCP Complex, of paddling in the waters of Manila Bay, of training under bright skies or even in stormy weathers, of working hard for a dream and achieving it, of friendships forged, and of learning to appreciate nature more.

The pictures I have in my mind are pretty, and that was even before Harbor View was there. It is still pretty now, different - yes, but somehow it feels the same. Maybe change is like that. Nothing is really lost or replaced. The essence would always be there.

(Photo from the Internet)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just For A While

I am not into goodbyes of whatever form. But personal feelings aside, I would say I am up to the task when the situation warrants it. Besides, I believe that everyday all of us say goodbye to something though often we may not be aware of it. Looking at it that way, I guess being fully conscious of saying farewell is much better than not having the chance to knowingly do so.

Today was about saying au revoir to something important to me. It was not easy given that I have been involved with the organization for thirteen years now. It has consistently provided me with several learning opportunities over the years, which is why I had plans of giving back by devoting more time and effort to it.

I am sad that some of those plans would be delayed. But I know that the chance to give back would always be there. This goodbye would only be just for a little while. Besides, my peers said I could still pursue what we do even if I am based somewhere else. They are right. I am sure I would find a way.

I left our meeting with a light heart. It is good to take away with me good relationships with people I have learned to respect. Knowing that they are leading the organization gives me the confidence that things would be well.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Packing-up is probably one of the tasks I find particularly daunting. This is probably why I am not above sidestepping thoughts of moving out from a place even with the enticing promise of better accommodations. Staying put is often a better choice for me than going through the entire packing/unpacking experience.

The last time I packed-up all my stuff was a full year after a best friend, who I was sharing an apartment with for years, left because she was going to have a baby. When my friend moved out, it was only practical that I should consider doing so as well since staying meant being saddled with rent and utility payments that would definitely cost twice than I used to pay. But I somehow managed to drag my feet in doing what was prudent because I was not keen on packing and hauling my things to a new place. It was silly but I am kind of wired that way.

When I finally made my big move more than two years ago, I told myself I would stick around at my current place for as long as it takes. Such was my resolve that I succeeded in overlooking several things and instances that I was not happy about in my new place, just so I did not have to move out again. It is always about the bottom line for me, i.e. bottom line: avoid the big P thing.

Today though, I am about to start doing what I have been consciously avoiding for some time now. I have two days to pack all my stuff. I bought balikbayan boxes already. I was pretty sure that I would be able to fit everything in them and in my suitcases and bags. I was confident I would finish everything within schedule. Unfortunately, I seemed to have seriously underestimated my capacity to accumulate things. As I started packing only one thought came to mind, and that was, "How the f*_@^# did I get to have all these things?".

It is a bit overwhelming to look at all my things. There is just no way I would keep all of these. And there lies another challenge, choosing things I would keep and which ones I need to let go.

Someday I see myself less intimidated by this task. For now though, I am considering this as another opportunity to elevate my packing skills.

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