Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chasing Buses

My first time to watch an episode of this Koreanovela currently running at GMA 7 and I immediately saw a dramatic "chasing the bus scene". I wonder what's with all of these chasing buses and cars stuff. Most of the Koreanovelas I loved, and even the Taiwanese Meteor Garden I got addicted to before, have variations of those.

It's certainly melodramatic and a bit over the top sometimes. But, melodrama notwithstanding, I kind of think chasing buses, cars, or even bicycles is sweet. The fact that most people would probably cringe in embarrassment with just the thought of doing it makes it endearing.

I'm not sure though which role I'd enjoy doing more if I were to play the part either in reel or for real. Being chased has its appeals, imagine the comfort of just sitting in a bus and the added bonus of finally seeing such raw feelings from someone. But then again, between helplessly looking at something slowly fade away and completely losing myself in the moment by trying to reach something I couldn't, I'd probably choose the latter.


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