Friday, July 3, 2009


My friend invited me to dinner tonight, her treat, since I'm already leaving this Sunday. She suggested that we meet at Starbucks in Harbor View Plaza, CCP Complex first then just choose where to have dinner from among the wide array of restaurants there.

I was at the meeting place early so I had plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the view. And oh my, what a view it was! I forgot how beautiful the sunset at Manila Bay could be. Without consciously doing so, I chose a table outside of Starbucks that afforded me a good view of both the bay and the plaza itself.

It was at that moment of sitting there waiting for my friend that I realized how significant the place has been to me. It was there that I learned more about discipline, focus, hard work, determination, and teamwork. Seeing what the place has become made me think that nothing ever really stays the same. Things evolve into something. It is hard to say if the change is for the better or worse. There would always be different perspectives in regard to that. From where I stand, Harbor View gives more people a chance to see and experience the beauty of the place.

I am among those who are lucky to have years worth of memories there - of early morning runs at CCP Complex, of paddling in the waters of Manila Bay, of training under bright skies or even in stormy weathers, of working hard for a dream and achieving it, of friendships forged, and of learning to appreciate nature more.

The pictures I have in my mind are pretty, and that was even before Harbor View was there. It is still pretty now, different - yes, but somehow it feels the same. Maybe change is like that. Nothing is really lost or replaced. The essence would always be there.

(Photo from the Internet)

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