Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just For A While

I am not into goodbyes of whatever form. But personal feelings aside, I would say I am up to the task when the situation warrants it. Besides, I believe that everyday all of us say goodbye to something though often we may not be aware of it. Looking at it that way, I guess being fully conscious of saying farewell is much better than not having the chance to knowingly do so.

Today was about saying au revoir to something important to me. It was not easy given that I have been involved with the organization for thirteen years now. It has consistently provided me with several learning opportunities over the years, which is why I had plans of giving back by devoting more time and effort to it.

I am sad that some of those plans would be delayed. But I know that the chance to give back would always be there. This goodbye would only be just for a little while. Besides, my peers said I could still pursue what we do even if I am based somewhere else. They are right. I am sure I would find a way.

I left our meeting with a light heart. It is good to take away with me good relationships with people I have learned to respect. Knowing that they are leading the organization gives me the confidence that things would be well.

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