Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Packing-up is probably one of the tasks I find particularly daunting. This is probably why I am not above sidestepping thoughts of moving out from a place even with the enticing promise of better accommodations. Staying put is often a better choice for me than going through the entire packing/unpacking experience.

The last time I packed-up all my stuff was a full year after a best friend, who I was sharing an apartment with for years, left because she was going to have a baby. When my friend moved out, it was only practical that I should consider doing so as well since staying meant being saddled with rent and utility payments that would definitely cost twice than I used to pay. But I somehow managed to drag my feet in doing what was prudent because I was not keen on packing and hauling my things to a new place. It was silly but I am kind of wired that way.

When I finally made my big move more than two years ago, I told myself I would stick around at my current place for as long as it takes. Such was my resolve that I succeeded in overlooking several things and instances that I was not happy about in my new place, just so I did not have to move out again. It is always about the bottom line for me, i.e. bottom line: avoid the big P thing.

Today though, I am about to start doing what I have been consciously avoiding for some time now. I have two days to pack all my stuff. I bought balikbayan boxes already. I was pretty sure that I would be able to fit everything in them and in my suitcases and bags. I was confident I would finish everything within schedule. Unfortunately, I seemed to have seriously underestimated my capacity to accumulate things. As I started packing only one thought came to mind, and that was, "How the f*_@^# did I get to have all these things?".

It is a bit overwhelming to look at all my things. There is just no way I would keep all of these. And there lies another challenge, choosing things I would keep and which ones I need to let go.

Someday I see myself less intimidated by this task. For now though, I am considering this as another opportunity to elevate my packing skills.

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