Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I dream of...breakfast?!?

I usually don't dream. Well, I do, but not the kind that happens when I sleep. But the other night, I dreamed of making a sandwich for myself. I think it was the absence of other images, movements, and colors apart from the sandwich-making that finally clued me in to the dream. There was only that slow, and almost deliberate, action of preparing the bread (it was wheat, I'm sure of it), cheese, and some cold cuts; which I found weird because honestly, I don't like cold cuts on my sandwiches.

I'm assuming that the sandwich was for breakfast. Anything beyond wheat bread and peanut butter I can only make an effort to prepare first thing in the morning when I'm at my best.

Could I possibly be dreaming of food because I'm broke and fear I'll be starving soon? Or could it be the other way around? Am I overeating...more than usual? Qué horror!

Sufficiently curious and eager for explanations other than my fanciful thoughts, I decided to let Google settle the matter once and for all. And here's what I found:

Generally speaking, food in dream usually refers to food for thoughts, ideas, new beliefs, etc. They are ideas you take in and digest mentally.

To dream about breakfast, indicates the start of a new project or the beginning of a new stage in your life. Alternatively, your mind may already be thinking ahead on what to make for breakfast in the morning. It is not uncommon for your fleeting thoughts to be incorporated into your dream.

To see bread in your dream, represents the basic needs of life. Bread may signify the positive qualities and great things you have learned on your journey of life. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to rise above the situation or rise for the occasion.

To see cheese in your dream, symbolizes gains and profits. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for something that is "cheesy" or lame. Or it could be saying that you need to smile more.

...and since I couldn't find the meaning for cold cuts, I'm choosing the closest one I could find...
To dream that you are eating ham, indicates that you need to preserve your energy. To see hams in your dream, indicates that you are experiencing some emotional difficulties. The symbol may also be metaphor to suggest your desire for attention.

Hmmmm...I forgot just how rich in meanings and undertones dreams often are. But then again, maybe I really just love to eat.

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