Thursday, April 9, 2009

Because The Roads Are Always Open

Yesterday was like stumbling into that proverbial fork in the road again. It's been the same fork that I seem to have avoided by merely turning back and retracing beaten paths. It's the tired old game of making myself believe that traversing the same paths is giving me much more than I would find in some unexplored roads.

Ignoring the fork brought me nothing but a gradual but steady descent into significant loss of confidence.I'm now just a shell of that person that believed in herself.I've morphed into a sum of all uncertainties I've collected in those hallowed halls.

This is not about blame. This is about being here confronted by the fork again. This is me recovering all the broken pieces of myself and affirming my value and purpose in life. This is me choosing not to retrace my steps and instead trust in whatever it is that will soon unfold.

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