Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hats Off

I feel kind of sad that I didn't watch the Eraserheads' concert yesterday. Mine's probably the lamest excuse ever to pass up on that one especially since I was guaranteed good vantage point and seat from the VIP area courtesy of a sis who was there in behalf of one of the many sponsors of that event.

Unfortunately, just thinking about the crowd that was expected to turn out - for a lot of kick-ass reasons - already drained me of energy. It's probably one of those preternatural glitches in my genetic make-up or I may just be getting old but crowds, especially huge crowds, always leave me feeling weak.

I would have wanted to watch the group perform. To be honest, I can't even claim to be one of their most loyal fans as I don't know a lot of what transpired to them since they've gone mainstream. But I have huge admiration for them, especially for the individuals who I remember quite fondly and with huge respect.

My first memories of them were during those annual Para Sa 'Yo Bagong Isko free concerts that our sorority organized. Eraserheads performed in those concerts at least thrice and I remember one of those performances were during that time when they were already beginning to make waves in the Philippine music industry. I thought then that they wouldn't agree to perform for us because we didn't have the budget for talent fees of famous bands but that didn't stop them from making their fans, especially the freshmen, happy.

The band had such a huge following in campus at that time that I could still remember students risking missing dorm curfews just to watch them perform in various gigs at school. And when they went mainstream, I remember that some of their fans were dismayed for reasons I couldn't quite understand. Unlike most people, I'm not that good in navigating the intricate roads of music. I admire music like one who admires genius or any exquisite work of art. I may not be able to completely figure it out, but I'm touched by whatever raw power and talent that created it.

It's now almost two decades since I first saw them, easily a long time to forget. But if nothing else, I can still vividly remember those occasions and still feel my heart constrict with pride and admiration for a group that has managed to create their unique brand of music and touch people's lives with it.

I don't know enough of what they did after those early days. But I know this - they will always have that special place in the hearts of the people who have, at some point in their lives, listened to their music and were moved by it.

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