Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Small Steps Out of the Batcave

Things I'm looking forward to in the coming days:
  • MBC Summer Sea Sports Festival - where the national rowing team will join in the mixed division of the dragon boat race. I'm gonna be in it only because they don't have enough girls to complete the mixed line-up. I'm sure it'll be fun. I could already imagine myself on that boat full of rowing athletes who're all excellently trained. They'll have the power and endurance (and probably a lot of dragon boat technique familiarity as well) while I'll be bringing old techniques and a fervent prayer to have enough stamina to last me in the x number of heats.
  • The upcoming joint exhibit of dragon boat and rowing at Manila Ocean Park.
  • Sagada...and Yoghurt House
Mostly it's about being out and about again, seeing new things, different perspectives, and feeling - yes, feeling - that in my smallness I'm an awesome piece of the universe's puzzle.

(Image courtesy of the Internet)

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