Friday, March 6, 2009

Angels Without Wings

Seems to me that angels without wings have this uncanny ability to lift my spirit just when I'm slipping to the lowest point. Today, there were several instances when I've seen how by just simple gestures and efforts they can unknowingly bring a smile that goes deeper than what superficiality demands.

Angel without wings surprise #1: Neko Senryu 2009 Calendar that I've been wishing for and a box of chocolate-covered almonds. A nice way to start a day, especially following the grueling and depressing turn of events yesterday.

Angel without wings surprise #2: A patience worthy of all the saints' praise. The openmindedness to just listen and understand. This one has a strength of character I deeply admire. A true friend I've often leaned on. Silent, deep, and real.

Angel without wings suprise #3: One of the few who truly believes in me. I'm still surprised as to how I connected with this person but despite our different personalities, we somehow found and held common ground. A leader-believer kiti-kiti meets passionate-believer serious-looking girl.

There's more of them out there. But today, these three touched my life in ways that uplifted my soul. And they don't even know they did. :-)

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