Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Toughing it out

I think I made a mistake. It usually happens when I ignore what my heart is telling me. But my heart is compartmentalized so I guess sometimes I end up balancing everything out.

I have vowed to just let things slide. Even if it costs me so much grief, I will let it slide. I am tired of figuring things out, between things that are said and things that are done. I have never been one to get stuck with words. It is what I sense and what I feel that matters to me most. In the absence of what I sense and feel is real, I grieve.

So this is me toughing it out. This is me feeling this steady crumbling in that part of my heart that I fear would never heal. This is me finding solace in the fact that something good is coming out from this mistake. I am finding comfort from the fact that somewhere else, I matter.

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