Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is when I need to eat durian...I think

It's that time of the year when it's so cold that I feel I can barely function normally. January to February usually seems to be the coldest months. But I feel that it has been unusually colder these past weeks.

It's not really that bad but it does make me feel that my body responds even slower than my sluggish brain. It doesn't help that it's always cold in the office. I have always been uncomfortable with the cold at work but now, I feel worse. I keep wondering if the machines are happy. They should be because someone is not exactly enjoying feeling like in deep freeze everyday.

I wonder if there's any medicine that could make a person feel warmer in cold places. But then again, I think that wouldn't be a good idea since it could be dangerous to strip a person of that capacity to feel discomfort and pain.

Since I know that this idiotic ranting is a complete waste of time and effort, I just have to find comfort from the fact that it's already middle of January. I think I can survive a few more weeks of this cold.

Maybe I should start eating fresh durian again. I remember that the last time I ate it, I felt very warm inside after. My sister said durian has that effect. I would like to test if it works equally well for me when I'm in the office.

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