Friday, January 16, 2009

Caring is a dangerous thing

This report about the kidnapping in Sulu of humanitarian workers from the Geneva-based ICRC makes me think that you can't blame people if they don't care about a lot of things anymore. I think all acts that are anchored on that human capacity to care require a lot of courage and a whole lot of risk. I believe all forms of caring, be it grand or small, starts with a true desire to embrace that humanity within each person.

But caring is a dangerous business. It invites ridicule, doubt, judgment, and a slew of other negative reactions. And judging from what happened in Sulu (and in all other strife-torn countries), it can also get you kidnapped.

Most times I find myself asking, "Who cares, really?". I sometimes feel that I'm so uncool for caring, for thinking about things that I don't even remotely influence. But is it really a sin to hope and believe? Do people really have to suffer for nurturing that hope in their hearts that something good can always result from good intentions?

I admire the people who truly care despite the dangers that this emotion bring. I can only pray for the safety of the kidnapped victims. And I wish that despite what I see and experience, I wouldn't be afraid to care.

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