Friday, May 30, 2008

I just love WTF days when you decide to wear high-heeled shoes to work and one of the heels come off. You'd think it's probably the worst thing that could happen to you that day. Then you had to go home late and the FX that you're in gets followed by a police patrol car with 5 policemen inside. The policemen then instruct the driver to stop at a stretch of dark and unfamiliar road where flagging another FX or a cab would be difficult.

Then a policeman tells the driver that the plate number is bogus and asks for the registration papers and driver's license. Then you hear the policeman tell the driver that the registration papers and the license are fake. By this time you feel numb that you don't even react when the policeman tells the driver to return the passengers' fares and ask them to get off.

You get your money back. Get off the FX. Walk along a dark side street without anger, without fear, without worries. You walk away and feel nothing.

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Lizeth said...

are you okay???

oh my! when was the last time ive had a WTF day?! :D i just care too much about things!! LOL