Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girl Talk #3

...on how some people are like Carefree (i.e. they're Barely There)...

Ela calls them emotional vampires and I agree with her. We've been talking about how some people have this innate skill and talent to suck the life out of those who care for them.

All relationships should be simple. I mean, yes most times it's so much fun to complicate the fairly simple and selfless act of caring. I guess people are just wired that way. But it's one thing to play a game that both players know the rules and another for one player to keep changing the mechanics and rules of the game to gain an advantage.

Players are much like warriors. Respect for the opponent is the true measure of a warrior's strength. A warrior goes into battle ready to bleed. The battlefield may change, the rules may change, the opponents change but always, a warrior knows that once the fighting begins...he will fight to death.

Barely there is not fighting to death. Barely there is employing all the tactics to gain the best advantage without having to commit to the possibility of fighting to death.

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