Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Fall to Remember: The Hague, The Netherlands

All captured memories of Amsterdam and The Hague are in my head because in a most tragic twist of fate, we lost all the photos we took. We did not find out until it was too late that there was something wrong with the camera.

So, this is me trying to find images of how I remembered the places I visited there. Sadly, there are very few pictures that really capture the beauty I have seen. There are some I found that bring back memories of days and nights traipsing around The Hague.

I just wish I can find pictures of those routes I followed and the parks I ended up in when I did my morning or afternoon runs.

(Map; Fall in the Netherlands)

(Schipol Airport and the Bi-Level Train Station Below)

(Peace Palace; The Gate; Inside the Palace)

(Going around by tram)

(Bikes; West side of Churchillplein)

(The Hague)

(Royal Palace; Kurhaus)

(UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; Milosevic)


(Scheveningen; windmill)

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