Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Girl Talk #2

...on high-heeled shoes...

I'm the flat shoes, sneakers, rubber shoes, slippers type. The reason for this growing collection of high heels are 1.) I had to -- i.e. my former job entailed a lot of "dressing up", 2.) my mom sends me more than one pair every chance she gets (which makes me think that maybe my mom wants me out of my usual tattered rubber shoes).

This morning, I decided to wear one of my not-so-high-heeled shoes because I took pity on my favorite Mary Janes. Undoubtedly, my MJs are overused because I have been using them since after that day I bought them.

So, for a change, I dusted off a pair of shoes that I thought would afford me the closest thing to comfort that I can get from wearing "heeled" shoes. It turned out that it was a bad decision after all because one of the heels almost came off while I was on my way to work.

I realized that there was something wrong halfway through the commute. I just tiptoed my way to the office just so the heel would not completely break off. Good thing it worked. I arrived at the office with both heels "intact". Now, I'm just waiting for the stores to open so I can buy myself either a pair of cheap shoes or slippers.

Argh! I miss my MJs.

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Lizeth said...

flat-shoes and chanelas for me too! :D