Monday, May 26, 2008

Girl Talk

...bathroom conversation...

Chiho-san: There's a half-marathon this July, c'mon let's join!
Jerz: Seriously?!? Have you done the 10K already?
Chiho-san: Not yet. I'm training everyday at the gym. Yesterday I've done 9K on the treadmill.
Jerz: That's great! Keep that up. I suggest you do road runs also. Try to join a 10K run before your half-marathon. Sounds really fun, Chiho! I might just be crazy enough to join you.

(and them thought balloons: this just might be exactly the sort of crazy stunt i need to perk things up; sa fort kaya to? damn! that killer flyover again; tsk...can my busted knee do this? ...bahala na si batman... aja!)

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