Friday, March 14, 2008

That Kind of Sexy

There is something sexy about a thinking man. Usually, when I discover that he is a thinking man with a vision, well, that only makes him sexier and a person really worth listening to. But in the course of that short span of time that I briefly catch a glimpse of the cause that fuels him to pursue that vision...I can only think to myself that he is definitely my idea of a close-to-perfect man.

I spent the better part of yesterday listening to a person talking about a topic I was initially neither interested nor eager to learn about. I was there because to be honest, I was told that I need to be there. So off I went...and consequently learned something about so many things. But I think my most important takeaway for the evening was that inspiration that there are people like this man who are actively doing something to pursue their visions.

Among the many things he has accomplished (he is a physicist, an engineer, and a doctorate degree holder), he is one of the movers behind the Brain Gain Network, which from what I understood is brain drain in reverse.

As I listen to the man speak I felt a rekindling of hope. It is not easy to believe when the current realities give so much reason to lose hope. But I see in him a believer. And more importantly, I see in him a desire to let that belief translate into a new reality.

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