Sunday, March 9, 2008

Staying Hungry

The Pinay In Action race earlier was another one of those occasions when I get to be introspective. Probably it was because it is when I am running or doing something that is really testing my resolve that I tend to really draw from the inside.

I noticed that most times, it is when I am going inward that I appreciate what is outside more. I think it is part of the realization that what I am is a result of how I was honed, and continue to be honed, by the million things happening around me. I aim not to pass by. I want to be truly part of the world, to be in it and to be fully alive.

This morning, my only thought was I wanted a better time than my previous run. That was my only goal and nothing else mattered. Not even the pain in my old injury can stop me.

I reached the finish line exactly 8 minutes faster than my last race. It was not the 10 minutes I wanted but it was close. But more than the joy of having accomplished that, I had the chance to think about this insatiable hunger I have. It is a life of staring at a plate brimming with so many things...a plate that just keeps getting filled.

This is probably why I was so moved when I first read this. I guess I will always be hungry that way.

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