Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Sweetest Geeks

I had lunch with two of what I think are possibly the most fascinating geeks I have met lately. One of them I met less than 30 minutes before that lunch but had absolutely no difficulty relating with.

Listening and talking with them gave me more reasons to find geeks more interesting. I actually enjoyed spending time with them (mostly I was just eager to hear what they have to say about anything and everything). I think it is the potent combination of brains, intensity, focus, (and often hidden/underlying) passion that makes them different in a really admirable way.

Macky recently wrote about it here . And I love the way she said that she finds "attractive whenever technical guys are in their element".

The two fascinating geeks...well, they are definitely technical (and good at what they do) but they became more attractive in my eyes because they are just the sweetest guys. One is married and obviously madly in love with his wife while the other one is getting married and obviously quite in love with his fiancee.

And what was it that I found really interesting in the conversation that transpired? Well, there are lots of things I can say, but what stood out most was their unabashed and utmost sincerity in talking about wedding gowns, caterings, and almost everything related to wedding plans.

Geek-speak is taking on a whole new meaning for me. I am actually looking forward to hearing more from this breed of what I am now coining as the league of the sweetest geeks.

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