Thursday, March 6, 2008

In A Force Field

Yesterday, Macky asked me "jerz, yung force field, pano yun?". We had that conversation before because I always utter those words when I feel the need to focus on whatever. Most times, I use that to my advantage during training and competition. It has become so ingrained that the words are like automatic shift triggers that quickly summons that force field.

I began by telling her that it is like when athletes, ballet dancers, etc. etc. say that they are in a bubble. A sort of visual image of the self inside an imaginary bubble that is protected from the outside. But I have long decided not to use the bubble as my visual. I thought that force field is what would best work for me.

I explained to Macky that when I say "in a force field" what I am actually doing is I am summoning that force field that would envelope me and separate me from the distractions of my environment. I can see from the inside but everything outside the force field is like a blur. They exist and yet they do not. I cannot hear them, I cannot touch them, I cannot feel them. I am in my own world, protected by a field that is indestructible, so powerful that I can do whatever I wish to accomplish...and do it excellently.

All the athletes I know have it...the bubble, the zone, the force field. I guess it is where they draw that inner strength that sustains them. It is where the second wind and all the the succeeding "winds" come from. It is a well of hope and energy that stores all the energies drawn from the universe.

Bottom line, we all have that power in us to create an illusion so powerful that can shape the outcomes of our actions. Whatever works for us, be it the bubble, the zone, or the force is good to know that we can summon them...and make them work for us.

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