Monday, March 17, 2008

Sino Ang Baliw?

Capoeira yesterday was at the CHK covered court because there was an arnis competition in our usual venue. Unlike in Classroom 1, the covered court was open so anyone can see us even from a distance.

While we were all busy learning the more complicated moves that Nathan wanted us to do, I noticed this girl loitering and avidly watching us. She was wearing jeans and had a towel draped on her upper body. It took me a while to realize that she was naked beneath that towel...and I was really hoping she does not remove the towel because that would really be awkward for us to see her prancing around half-naked.

I took my eyes off her because Nathan told me to do the cartwheel. The next time I looked at her again, she already removed the towel and was watching us practice. I think everyone was trying to pretend that she was not there...or that there was nothing unusual about her being there (and half-naked). Gino, definitely, was trying not to look and that was very Gino...gentleman to the core.

Of course, me being me, I thought out loud and had the following conversation with Nathan:

Jerz: Brod, look at her, doesn't she look so free? Don't you ever wonder as to what kind of freedom she has for being able to do that?

Nathan: Sis, kaya nga siya baliw. But I know, I know...tsk...ikaw talaga.

Jerz: (thought balloon: ...but really...if you look at see this inexplicable freedom. sino nga ba ang baliw? the ones who don't live because of the restrictions they think society impose on them? or the ones who deviate from the norm...and hence become baliw?...)

She stayed there watching us while we went on with Capoeira training. Everyone was happy. I guess, at the end of the day, we were all crazy there. The girl, because her profile fits the definition of "baliw" and us Capoeiristas who were out on a Sunday morning to embrace suffering for two hours.

Sa usapan o mga gawaing baliw...WALANG PAKIALAMANAN NG TRIP.

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