Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Memories of Sunrise

For more than seven years I have watched the sunrise at Manila Bay. Nostalgia, perhaps, but this is one of those sudden visits down memory lane that give me pause. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to have collected those extraordinary moments.

Most times, those sunrises were just backdrops of run of the mill days. After all, I frequented the bay to train...not to capture memories of sunrise. But even now, the memory of the calm and soothing water as I paddled reminded me of how beautiful each experience was. Somehow, despite the grueling training, I have always left the water feeling happy about myself.

On the boat with teammates, during each rest, there was this sense of peace. If we were lucky enough, the sun came out just when we have paddled out of the breakwater.

I can still see our boat sitting quietly on calm waters. I see myself sitting there, psyching myself out for another hard training. Somehow, despite the promise of torture, of more self-inflicted muscle pains...I could not help but notice how beautiful it was when the sun emerged.

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