Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time for action

I came back to the office to find Mai Yoshida gone. I had no idea she was leaving and I find it sad that I was not even there when the team bade her farewell. While I am faced with mixed emotions that I assume everyone who is left behind feels, I am also inspired by her reasons for leaving.

Mai chose to explore a different path. She left to pursue her true calling. She left to serve, specifically the people of Payatas. In my book, that is courage. It takes a person of courage and conviction to leave a high-flying career to follow uncharted paths.

One of our teammates at work told me that Mai said that everytime she leaves the office, she is confronted with the reality of what she really wants. Outside these office walls, she feels the need to do something to help.

I cannot remain sad with this very inspiring decision of hers. Instead, I will take this as a challenge to myself to further explore possibilities on how I can optimize my skills and talents for the greater good.

Following my trip to Japan and my exposure to how the Japanese people work together for their Team Minus 6% goal further strengthened my desire to do something, to make a difference. Now, another Japanese showed me what true courage means. I do not expect many things to get better immediately. I know there are a lot of obstacles to change. But I know, as long as there are people like Mai, there will always be hope for a better world for everyone.

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