Sunday, November 18, 2007

7 Things You Don't Know But I Do

Lizeth tagged me, so little clueless-on-tagging-me is doing it :-)
1. I am definitely a morning person. I like waking up early in the morning, regardless of the amount of sleep I had (or never had).
2. I like morning road runs. I like to feel the breeze on my face and see life unfold around me.
3. I miss Sanshou training so bad. I miss the ring where we train, the bags, the pads, and the feeling of torment and physical exhaustion that Sanshou gives.
4. I eat a lot. I love to eat especially desserts. Desserts are absolutely my best friends in life. To quote Ani's shirt: "I run for Chocolate."
5. I adore my family.
6. My recent trip to Tokyo was a dream come true. It was my second time to travel to Japan. The first one was in 2002, in Aioi City, for the Asian Championships. I remembered Anna Liese (my rower friend who is Japan-crazy as well) and I talking about our mutual love of Japan, their people, their culture, etc. and that we want to come back. True enough, August 2006 Anna Liese left for Japan for a one-year scholarship in grad school...and just recently, I did too for the JASA study tour. Dreams do come true!
7. I believe in volunteerism. I want to do things, little things, that would help others. My plans and ambitions in life lean mostly towards how I can make a difference in those things that make my heart bleed. I am a believer. I believe that every small thing that we can do, for the good of others and of this world, is important in the greater scheme of things.

Now that I am done...I will tag Macky.

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Lizeth said...

you did just great! :)

pareho tayong morning person.Lols