Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The sadness of goodbyes

Why can't we just get together all the people in the world that we really like? And then stay together? I guess that wouldn't work though. Somone would leave. Someone always leaves. And then we'd have to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. I know what I need. I need more hellos. - Snoopy

Leaving time. There have been many goodbyes since last night. I have only been with the group for only a week but I feel like I have known most of them for a long time already. For sure, a bond has been created and I am really happy about that. Looking back on the first day, I feel that all of us have crossed bridges and connected with each other so fast.

More than the learnings I got, I am taking away with me memories of times spent with people from diverse cultures. I will always remember Kenichi san and Jo san who tirelessly took care of us. I really admire the way they made things so easy for us. Everything was just perfect.

I can still hear Yukiko, Tomoko, and Meg's sweet voices and patience everytime they interpret. They have made me understand so many things. Through them, I was able to learn more not only during lectures but more importantly, during those times that we interact and talk about almost everything.

I have collected a treasure trove of laughters and interesting experiences from this trip...

  • Ani's endless energy and her love of running
  • Clara with her never-ending bloopers and her sunny spirit
  • Conversations with Lun about work, life
  • Kham's ready smile
  • Shelly's caring attitude towards everyone especially to Basri
  • Carina's sweet smile
  • Dana's beautiful voice (and our conversations during breaks in lectures)
  • Lidia's thoughtfulness in giving me a tissue when she noticed that I was crying while watching "Always" on the bus while we were on our way back to Tokyo from Fukushima
  • Mickie's "Yellow" in the Kin-Ball game
  • Sylvia's birthday
  • And many other things that everyone did to make this entire trip a truly remarkable one.

I do hate goodbyes. I always feel sad when the time for them comes. But I tend not to dwell on that. Instead, I just use the sadness to remember the happy moments I have had with truly great people. Having met them all, having to be with them all, are such wonderful blessings already. It is time for me to leave as well. And I am leaving with all the memories of friendship and laughters with me. Au revoir then, to everyone.


Lizeth said...

awww...i've been to the same situation before. you can always keep in touch with them.

i'm glad you had fond memories from your trip. i don't doubt that you met really good people cos it mirrors your own personality.

miss you,jerz!

A Celebration of the Simple and Ordinary said...

thanks seth! i really miss you too! :-)

Lizeth said...

super missss you! lumabas tayo!!!