Thursday, October 8, 2009

When I Begin To Mean Someday

It is true that everyday we see and hear stories that inspire us. No matter where we are or what we are doing, there will always be that someone, that event that would remind us of the grandness of the human spirit.

I have found many of my inspirations in sports. Maybe that is why even after all these years and after my retirement as an athlete, the passion continues to burn like an eternal flame. There is so much greatness in the people I had the chance to meet there. I am sure that this is how it works as well for those who choose to devote their life in art, science, or whatever it is that breathes life to a singular passion.

Today, I cried after watching this video. I cried not because I feel sorry for them but because once again I am reminded that there is so much greatness in this world.

I am passionate about sports because it is a platform to learn the values of Olympism. Sports bring out the magnificence of the human spirit. It unites us in ways we cannot imagine possible.

I used to say that someday I would join a triathlon race. But I have never truly believed that I would. I am not a good swimmer and I do not like the idea of swimming in open waters. I know how to ride a bicycle but I never had any experience riding it in busy roads. I run but I have never yet tried finishing a 21K or 42K marathons. When I said someday, I guess I really did not mean someday.

After watching this video, two things came to mind: 1.) I have removed myself so far from the path of what I am passionate about that it diminished my capacity to believe, 2.) Someday means someday to me now.

Today is going to be another beginning of more of the best days of my life.

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