Monday, October 5, 2009

Singles and Matchmakers

One of the perks of moving back to the province is the chance to hang out with old friends I have lost touched with for years. With the exception of Leonor who managed to track me a few years back, I lost all contact with the rest of our high school barkada. Meeting old friends always comes down to catching-ups especially if there is time to spare.

The thing with catching-ups though is I tend to stand out as the only single in a group of married girls. Somehow conversations lead to remaining single guys (if any) in our high school batch and their glowing credentials as potential boyfriends. If there is one thing that makes me smile each time it happens is the ingenuity and creativity of my girl friends in imagining possibilities to find me a boyfriend.

Being single this long certainly makes me a magnet for matchmakers. I wonder how long they can hold out? For now, I do not have plans of budging. :)

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