Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm certain about many things. But once in a while, self-preservation stands between me and certainty. If only I could be so consistent, I'd want to face things head-on regardless of the potential grief they may cause me. Not knowing but still doing something is how I'd want to do things. I like the currents to sweep me away. I want to be in that moment and discover if I'd go under or make it to shore.

I've always been fascinated with mysteries and puzzles. For each one I've found the answers to, I'm happy. But what of this uncertainty that even I couldn't touch? There's something off with this picture. Maybe I didn't look at it as carefully as I should've. Maybe interpretations were safer than the truth. Maybe then it was just more fun not to know.

I briefly sought that level of certainty that I surrendered to self-preservation. The pictures seem like a mirage now that I allow myself to process them. Knowing this, I'm confident that even if certainty continues to elude me, this beautiful mirage still makes me happy.

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