Friday, June 26, 2009


Someday I might be lucky to find some of life's difficult answers. Who knows, right? But for now I'm settling with a slew of unknowns. Experience has taught me that the unknowns are the only constant things especially during difficult times. And speaking of difficult times, crisis is just one of the many things that fall under the category. I've recently stumbled upon Dr. John H. Sklare's take on crisis and I just can't resist re-posting a part of it below:
"When crisis suddenly shows up in your life, you would be well served if you took on the mindset of a samurai jiu-jitsu warrior. In other words, instead of using all of your strength and willpower fighting the crisis, why not find a way to use the energy of the crisis in its own defeat? Every situation is different so it’s a bit tough to be specific, but generally speaking, every crisis offers more than just emotional pain and life interruption. It also offers the opportunity to hone your coping skills, learn more about life and grow as a person. If framed in this manner, you can do more than simply endure a crisis. You can actually use a crisis to find a happier and healthier life if you approach it with the attitude of a samurai warrior and employ crisis jiu-jitsu."

Meaningful, although sometimes very painful, lessons can be learned amidst difficult times. At the end of the day, coming face-to-face with them is an opportunity to get a glimpse of the things I often fail to see. Each lesson, no matter how hard it could sometimes get, puts people and circumstances in that special part of my heart reserved for those that help me grow.

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