Friday, June 26, 2009

It's still working

My desk fan just gave up on me. I've had it for more than two years now so it isn't all that bad considering my history of short-term ownerships of its predecessors. Since that time I left home to go to college until today, I've owned a lot of electric fans that I won't even try to count seeing that I probably wouldn't remember most of them.

Being the least domestic person I know who loves staying at home whenever possible is probably one of the many ironies of my life. If only I have at least an ounce of domesticity in me, I'd probably pay closer attention to my appliances and take better care of them. As it is, I don't do much of that until they just conk out on me.

I've been in a state of denial with this one for some time now. I just pushed the thought of it breaking down at the back of my mind. I thought that since I only have a few days left before the big move, the desk fan would somehow last until then. I was wrong though. Tonight, the desk fan's head just fell off and it's obviously staying broken despite my best efforts to put it back together.

The first thing that crossed my mind was how much more could I possibly take on top of everything that's on my mind right now. I certainly don't want to think about the possibility of buying a new one seeing that my budget is unbelievably stretched already. Besides, I don't need a new desk fan because I'll be leaving soon anyway.

But as soon as the cloud of despair started to roll in, I noticed that the desk fan was still working. The head was still separated from the rest of it but it still worked. I think that it hasn't fully given up on me yet. I don't think I've given it much thought until now. Funny how the prospect of completely losing it prompts me to take a much closer look at it.

This one would still be working next week. I'm sure of that. And when I go, I'll be leaving it behind. But I'll always remember this moment when I got to spend time paying close attention to something that I've sadly neglected for so long.


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