Saturday, June 6, 2009


We discussed Management of Change (a subsection of Chapter 1-Organizing An Olympic Sport Organization), Control of Evaluation (Chapter 2-Managing Strategically), and Developing Skills for Managing Human Resources (Chapter 3-Managing Human Resources) in our last MOSO class before our three-week break. The time off from classroom meetings will be spent working on our respective case studies.

Participants listen to the programme director of the IOC-Olympic Solidarity ASMC/Managing Olympic Sports Organizations

Like in our previous meetings, the topics generated a lot of lively discussion among the participants. Apart from the rich and relevant content of our book, I find the sharing of ideas and insights very enriching. Ironically, the diversity in perspective and sometimes very passionate sharing of ideas or opinions did not strike me as annoying or threatening.

It proves that perspectives are good. We could either be wearing different lenses or looking from different sides of the fence but we all share something. I know it is beginning to sound old but I believe passion is one.

Karen (Sepak Takraw)

Judith (Dragon Boat)

There is also that thing about volunteerism. I guess it is strong in this group. One of our facilitators said that it shows a strong sense of social responsibility. I am not sure about that. It is possible. But personally, it is something that I do not think about. For me, it is just doing what feels right and paying it forward.

Archery and Wrestling

Discussion on Developing Skills for Managing Human Resources

I like it that there are plenty of opportunities to learn from the lively and open exchange of thoughts and ideas. It is not that we agree on everything. Individually we represent organizations that have unique sets of issues and challenges. Each of us have something to learn from each others' depth and length of experiences.

As I think about managing change, evaluating strategic plans and developing the skills to manage human resources, I imagine that those tasks are probably just a few of the many challenges of a leader. Anything that involves people will always have diversity and differences coming into play.

Karen, Len-Len (Canoe Kayak), Gina (Philippine Olympic Committee)

Clockwise: Atty. Saliva (Dance Sport), Gen. Tanchanco (Programme Director), Karen, Mrs. Kiram (Pencak Silat)

I think my experience today taught me that strong convictions and powerful words are not something to be feared. It is up to us how we process it. But at the end of the day, I think it would be a shame to just shut out or shut down someone. I feel that we may be seeing things differently but we care as deeply as the others to what we have committed ourselves to.

Maybe sometimes all it takes to learn and improve is to genuinely embrace diversity and actively listen to differences.

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