Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let it be

This circus-like attention to the circulating (and multiplying) copies of sex videotapes makes me think that just when I thought I live in a high tech era, I'm jolted back to the reality that there are times I might as well be in the dark ages when it comes to how women are perceived or treated. The irony of this is that this thought sneaks in my head while I'm here sitting and waiting for my classmates in the IOC-Olympic Solidarity advanced sports management course where 70% of attendees are women. Women who all play critical roles, management roles even, in their respective national sports associations.

As I wait for the others, I couldn't help but hear how these two guys talk about DVD copies of those videotapes that are currently circulating on the web. It seems there are unscrupulous people who are making huge profits out of it. Never mind that by selling copies of those videos they're dehumanizing the women involved over and over again.

I guess it would be easy for others to justify that by blaming the women. One common theme I hear is that it's the women's fault for being part of it in the first place. But lest anyone forget, sex is a normal thing. What's NOT normal is for someone to take videos of the act without the knowledge and consent of the people involved.

I'm sorry for those women. It seems that even how amidst continuing progress and little wins to emancipate women, time and time again I get to see acts where I begin to think that the world may not yet be ready for us women after all.

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