Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nature-deficit disorder

"Ikaw ba si Jercyl?!? Gumanda ka! Dati ang itim-itim mo at mahaba ang buhok mo!", says Ms. Corina Mojica of Bodybuilding. Her remark has drawn some chuckles from me and some of our classmates whom we both have known for some time now.

It's our first meeting for the ASMC-MOSO course. I'm pleased to see that I know most of the people in class. With a few exceptions, most of the participants were the same people who volunteer their time and efforts to their respective national sports associations (NSAs).

I have not been very active outside of ARAP. I have not seen most of them for some time. And yet, it's nice to see them all again. I feel like I've not been gone that long. It feels natural to be here. I'm glad to be part of this.

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