Sunday, April 19, 2009

Small Things

There are many things I'm looking forward to this coming week. But perhaps the three things I'm excited about are the following (in no particular order):
  • Tuesday Futsal game. Futsal is now one of the sports that would be supported by the company. Connecting the dots to 14 months back I wouldn't have believed it if I was told that I'd still be in it or that I would actually be one of the core group that would patiently sustain and lobby for it. It's amazing how things turn out. We were just talking about possibilities before and now our passion and commitment to it actually paid off.

  • Wiki Wednesday celebrates Earth Day. This would be the first time that I'm celebrating it with colleagues. I'm quite excited about this because I'll be in the company of another group of people who are no less committed to taking that one small step that together would amount to a giant stride towards a collective hope and desire to be more responsible citizens of this planet. This brings to mind other Earth Day celebrations. The excitement and chatters in the early hours of the morning in the banks of Pasig River waiting for the activities to begin. I remember my team, people I know, people I just met, people I would never be introduced to but were with me at that moment communing in celebration of something bigger than ourselves. I've committed myself to these things before and losing the opportunity to be a part of activities like that saddened me. Somehow I've always believed in action, most especially collective action. Maybe this is why I'm excited by any signs of movement for a common cause. I'm happy that for the first time since I've been here, I finally am part of something that breathes more life to me. I'm happy to be part of this and I believe that I may not be able to see how this would grow but I'm confident that it will.

  • TOSH with Leony. Or at least, I hope it would finally push through. Leony will be in Manila this week and we'll hopefully have that lunch out at TOSH as we've planned to do the last time she was here. The sudden cancellation of that previous plan was because of truly sad circumstances for Leony's family. I hope that when we do meet again this time, we could talk more about that and of our plans in the coming months.
I'm finding joy in small things right now. Like they say, indeed, everyday is the day.

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