Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hitting the High Notes

It's my sister's birthday today. Yesterday it was my mother's. It's a long weekend and only two working days sandwiched before observance of Holy Week. I should probably be home right now. I could probably have joined the throng of people heading off to the beach or some equally exotic or interesting places. I could always be anywhere doing anything. But I'm here staying put. And somehow enjoying every minute of it.

Home is probably the most enticing destination at this time. I've dabbled with the idea of a last-minute trip down south and look forward to a relaxing break. But Q1 hasn't really been nice and finances are stretched far more thinly than I anticipated. The reason is not something I wish to dwell upon. At the end of the day, it was for family and it was a time of reuniting with kins despite the trying circumstances. I'm still feeling the after effects of that unexpected storm that battered the family.But the sun was quick to shine it's happy face again to us. My lolo went on to a better place but somehow it brings comfort to us all to think that we've had that brief yet precious time to say goodbye.

I'm settling to a new sense of calm. It's the quiet solitude brought by acceptance of the cards that fate has dealt me with. I think I'm getting used to things going off track, of somehow learning to accept that some people just fail to see beyond the obvious, of accepting and dealing with labels and boxes, of trying to stay in the shadows and blend in to keep a false sense of peace and quiet. I find it curious that as more and more challenges came, I found myself more ready and eager to face them. I'm scared but I feel equally sure that I can meet them head-on.

I just suddenly realized that I haven't done my annual spring cleaning yet. For someone who lives in The Tropics everything I believe and know about Spring sprung from a hyperactive imagination fueled by my love of reading. But not having experienced spring didn't stop me from embracing the idea. I've been an avid spring cleaner for years now. I love the idea of unloading stuff, of endings and beginnings. I think it's that time of the year again.

And in that note, I'm officially closing the first quarter of 2009 with gratitude. I'm ready for the next round. I know in my heart, whatever's coming, it'll be exciting.

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