Saturday, March 28, 2009

ako'y isang nicotine patch

friday evening, as i was getting ready to leave work my phone rings and the ensuing conversation goes like this:
me: hey brod, what's up?
brod na itatago natin sa pangalang juan: where are you?
me: still here at work. why?
brod: let's have coffee.i'll pick you up there.
me: now? and what, may i ask, prompted this?
brod: let's just say that you're my nicotine patch
me: oh-kay...i'm not exactly sure what that to expound?
brod: i've been scrolling my phone book and thinking of calling one of *them*. let's just say i'd rather meet with you and vent than do something that i might probably regret later.
me: you do probably need that coffee. sige, i'll wait.

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