Monday, February 2, 2009

A Random Thought

I don't have to be best buddies with a person to respect him/her.But getting my respect,is an entirely tricky and tedious process.Not that a lot would want to.I'm pretty much good at keeping to myself.Consider it a character flaw, but as soon as my finely-tuned senses pick up signs that I'm being labeled then I make it a point to not prove it otherwise.

Today something about my gay friends and acquaintances gave me pause.I've always wondered how I seem to find myself connecting with them.Personality-wise,I might as well be on the opposite side of the spectrum.I'm far too serious that I find it amazing I can easily relate with them.

I think it's about them being open and real.Not that I'm saying they're always nice.I've seen and experience how they can be mean but I keep thinking,they are the people who have endured so much just to be who they are right now. I think, regardless of anyone's personal views and beliefs about the issue,they are people who essentially sought to find themselves and chose to live the way their hearts tell them to.

So why am I suddenly thinking about all of these? I guess it's because I admire how Paul and Jake try to reach out and be helpful even in the most trying circumstances. This once again proves the point that acts of kindness is not exclusive to circles of friends. I think this shows that sometimes, the kindness that resonates is the one that is most difficult to give but is given anyway.

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