Friday, February 6, 2009

Of Poems and Calligraphy

I've been looking for more translations of Mitsuo Aida's works on the Internet for a few days now. I've recently posted one of the variations of his poem about "tomatoes" here and was since inspired to find English translations of his masterpieces.

This is probably why I was very eager to share to Tom (our Japanese colleague) that I've recently joined the ranks of the calligrapher's staunch admirers (too bad I can't, for now, yet read his original works and have to rely on translations). It turns out that Tom's a fan also and that he makes it a point to visit Mitsuo Aida's museum whenever he's in Tokyo.

He then shared this calligraphy and one of the variations of "tomatoes".

Once again, I'm amazed by the genius of a man who reminded me that the simplest things contain intangible treasures that resonate to the heart and soul.

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