Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking for Value in the Haze

I find that one of the many simple ironies of life lies in perceptions and realities of a person's value. I think that knowing you're valued gives that extra push to achieve the seemingly unachievable. Being valued enables you to stretch yourself to an unimaginable proportion just to prove that impossible is a wall that can be scaled.

I have recently heard that smartest thoughts and strongest soul make for high performing individuals. I believe this is true. But what would that soul do when it keeps groping in a haze of the unknown? What would that soul do if it feels like a worthless appendage to the recipient of its commitment and efforts? When does valuing move from an unimportant part of the overall scheme of things to something that inspires?

As what's mostly true in life, you collect as much experience and disappointments hoping that in the end, everything will add to that strength that only you can truly nurture and develop. You consistently remember to acknowledge your worth. Then you just try not to be derailed by how tiresome things sometimes get - of that sad feeling of giving everything you've got to that something that consistently fails to acknowledge your value.

This is why it's not wise to put yourself in a box where your heart and soul wither. The box is a reality that you live with but it's neither a cage nor a stage to stand and be glorified. You see the box as something that you can easily reach out from because it's outside the box that the heart and soul truly lives.

Who knows, one day, you'll be surprised to know that you're valued outside the box. And you didn't even have to do much and lose yourself to feel it.

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