Friday, November 21, 2008

Thoughts.Heart.Soul. ~ Lessons from Johan Flodin

Interesting insights I picked up from Johan Flodin during the seminar:
(Johan Flodin sharing coaching insights ~ Day 3)

Smartest thoughts & strongest soul ~ I love this. Johan said these are important especially for those who aspire to become high performing athletes. And the beauty of this is that, it's true in life regardless of what it is that we choose to do. At the end of the day, we can decide what to think then the strength of our soul will bring us closer to the fulfillment of our dreams.

(The participants)

The quality of inner dialogue separates the best performers and low performers. ~ I think that this is connected with the first one. I do believe that we can only learn and absorb so much from training, or from life for that matter. But if it comes to that moment when we need to decide to hang on tight and give ourselves a fighting chance to get what we truly want, how we talk ourselves towards holding on would provide that shift in favor of what we chose.

(Maricon, me, Johan, April, & Carole)

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