Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why blame?

This is probably the most refreshing and commendable reaction I’ve heard post-major competitions. If only all our sports leaders think like this.

Our country’s sports development program definitely needs some shaking up if we want to stand any chance in competitions such as the Olympics. Finger-pointing and blame game will not help at this point. The best move forward is to really accept all the facts that have long been there - waiting to be acknowledged.

What we need now is action and accountability. These are important to inspire athletes to step up and do better. Blaming the athletes is futile and absolutely a sorry excuse for escaping accountability. How can you blame these admirable people who sacrifice a lot in quest of their dreams to be champions? Some of them give up their studies to give 100% of their time to training. Some of them leave their families behind in the provinces so they can train and try to be the best in their respective sports.

The athletes give more than what they can give in search of their dreams. Imagine a platoon of soldiers you send to fight without ammunitions. That is how our athletes live. Day by day they face adversities. Day by day they triumph over these adversities. Day by day they become better because that’s what they aim for. But they can only do so much with the opportunities and support handed out to them.

The National Sports Associations (NSA), Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) should collaborate better. They should take the lead in chartering a new course for local sports. As the major players in Philippine sports, they should initiate the changes needed to breathe new life to a dying dream.

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