Friday, August 15, 2008

When familiarity breeds apathy

I've fallen into the routine of my daily commute that I seldom notice anything while on the road. I can't help it, traveling the more than one hour route back and forth everyday increasingly diminishes my curiousity. I guess that's the danger of familiarity, the repetitive experiences and impressions make most things appear ordinary. Only when something disturbs the routine that the mind pays attention.

The significantly heavy traffic last night is a definite disturbance to that routine. Until now I still think about how the flooded streets of EspaƱa and Taft effectively stretched the travel time by more than one hour. Even knowing that heavy rains usually result to some flooding in those areas, I'm surprised by how much things have turned for the worse. I couldn't help but think if I'll again be seeing waist-high floodwaters along those routes.

I would've thought that the improvements I've seen in the past ten years would only get better. Sadly, it appears now that the progress I've seen is being reversed - by neglect perhaps? Whatever it is, I hope appropriate actions are taken. It's stressful to spend three hours on the road after work.


(The boring trip last night was followed by a scary trip to the office this morning. I took a cab because I didn't want to be late to an 8:00am-1:00pm training. Unfortunately, the driver seemed to enjoy playing with death. He's one of those drivers I really hate - the types who don't seem to care for other people's lives. I think I lost 10 years of my life in that trip.)

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