Sunday, July 27, 2008

Visualize this

The earth is warmed by energy from the sun and the warmed earth releases heat. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere such as CO2 absorb the heat and return it to earth, maintaining the temperature of the earth at an average of around 15 degrees. However, due to increases in CO2, the earth is becoming hotter. – from a PPT presentation on Activity of Team Minus 6% for Prevention of Global Warming by Kenji Someno (Lifestyle Policy Office, Global Warming Division, Global Environmental Bureau, Ministry of the Environment Government, Japan)

So, what generates 1kg of CO2 (100 soccer balls) emissions?

Using electrical appliances
King-size Plasma (5-6 hours)
Normal CRT-based TV (approx. 15 hours)
PC (approx. 15 hours)
Laptop (50-200 hours)
A/C, Heater (full operation: 2-3 hours)
Oil heater (2 hours)
Dry form garbage disposal (1 time)
Fluorescent lamp 40W (60 hours)
Incandescent lamp 100W (25 hours)
Fluorescent lamp equivalent to 100W (150 hours)
Cell phone (10,000 hours)

Using gases
High heat cooking (1.3 hours)
Low heat cooking (17 hours)
Heating a bath (1-2 times)
Using hot water (200 L)

Car (1.8L: between 3km-5km)
Mercedes S class (between 1km-2.5km)
Bullet train (50km)
Train (65 km)
Domestic airlines (9km)

Magazines (300g) 1 copy
Cardboard (550g) 1 box
Tap water (10 bathtubs)
Container:Aluminum can (6 cans) / Large beer bottle (12 bottles) / PET bottle 500ml (7 bottles)
Plastic bags (6 bags)
Tomato (alley) 40 / (greenhouse) 2

(Source: HP of Itaru Yasui, VP of United Nations University)

Who cares, really? I think everyone. This has always been everyone’s business. There's been too much noise created on this. Forget about the politics and the motivations of people who do. At then end of the day, they help send the message across.

I think all these noises fall under the label of "call for action". Some of the sound might be grating to the ears at times but at least, they often succeed in waking people up.

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