Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Rice Chronicles: Walang Aminan

Maybe I am just gung-ho about anything related to food, which probably prompted me to write this and this.

As the saga continues...

In the past two days, I have watched news reports of the NFA along with the police conducting surprise visits (that's a nicer way of saying raids by the way) into non-accredited NFA retailers' warehouses. These raids churned out hundreds of empty NFA sacks. Close inspection of the said sacks reveal that they have been opened and emptied...and it is anybody's guess as to where the contents went.

This morning's news show this retailer explaining how 750 empty NFA sacks found their way into a very discreet corner of her warehouse. Then the camera pans out to a warehouse full of sacks and sacks of rice.

I think the lesson here is: Walang aminan. Kung ikaw ang nakahuli, aba eh, problema mo na yan. Kaya nga burden of proof, hindi ba? Good luck na lang kasi sa usapang denial, mas malalim pa sa Nile River ang balon ng kasinungalingan.

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