Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Attempt To Understand...Futsal

I am attempting to understand Futsal better. Foremost reason is, of course, because it is a new sport for me (and my first attempt to religiously play a ball game). I have always believed that I have this thing with ball games. Ball games and me are chemistry-challenged. There seems to be something missing in the mix to make it really work.

But seeing that I seem to be looking at this as a science (chemistry and all stuff, tsk), I might as well hold on to that idea and hope that I find that missing element which would help create the chemistry I need to improve in this sport.

Another reason why I want to understand Futsal has something to do with what brod Nathan mentioned during Capoeira last Sunday. He said that I could try understand Capoeira movements/attacks by really looking into the dynamics of a Futsal/Football game, specifically on how a good Futsal/Football player handles a ball.

And that, I must say, says it all.

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