Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As the world turns

We do what we can to make time for the really important things. As the world turns, as the thousand big and little things hog our time, we just have to find the resolve to squeeze in what we need to look back and remember the things that made our separate journeys worthwile.

A brief lunch with former ISM co-workers reminded me of the joys and learnings I have had in that pit stop. Like in most of the pit stops I have been to, I managed to leave with fond memories and blessings of friendships.

Today, as the world turned, Lizeth, Tita Myrna, Chrizele, and I enjoyed lunch at Conti's at Serendra. The world kept on turning while we stop for a while to catch up. Our journeys have brought us to different paths, but we remain to be fellow travelers who have met and learned from each other in that pit stop we call ISM.

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Lizeth said...

know what? :)
i'm so glad that i met you! thanks for being a great friend :)