Sunday, February 28, 2010

Power interrupted

The 30-minute brownouts everyday did not last long. Instead, they stretched to an hour that didn't have a definite schedule. Brownouts are never fun, especially when they happen right when I'm in the middle of working on something on the computer and realized I wasn't able to save everything.

I decided to think of the outage as a daily version of Earth Hour to make the experience more meaningful and less cumbersome. It would help though if these rotating brownouts have definite schedules so we can be prepared and turn off the appliances before the outage strikes. Maybe that part of me that wishes strongly is heavily influenced by my grandmother who told us that sudden power interruptions is bad for some appliances. But regardless if my grandmother's assumptions are true or not, I still think that it would be a whole lot better if we know when to expect these daily power interruptions.

A friend said that the cynical part of herself thinks that the daily outage is social conditioning, that brownouts will occur during the elections. It's not a stretch why some people think that because the timing is really suspect and the conditions are such that never before that a national election depend more on electricity than it does now. The automation has seen to that. This would be one of those scenarios that would be better proven wrong.

On another note, the moon was so beautiful the other day. I was able to appreciate it during another brownout-induced darkness. Sometimes we do need the darkness to appreciate the faintest light.

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