Friday, January 22, 2010

Life is too short, so...No

"I’m sorry if it came out that way but I was never particularly fond of you. So your imagining that I will exert effort to accomodate or help you is rather off the mark. I don’t like you, I never did. I’m sorry, please understand. You’re nice but you’re just not my type of person. I’m old and don’t need too much. You -are a bit too much for my travels. Your nervous, frivolous, vain, self-conscious energry does not fit in the trunk space of my car, sorry. Thank you though.

-I imagined having this conversation so many times since I was a kid. There was this bully I went to school with. As most schoolyard bullies go, she didn’t grow up to be too interesting. (Brat) Now she wants to be my friend (“as adults” she says) and since I am now one (an adult, that is) I said no, she didn’t particularly interest me. I wish all of you the courage to say no when you mean no. Life is too short to have shit people near you." -
found on Tumblr

Today I REALLY want to tell “you” what's written above. The only reason I won’t be telling this in your face is because it’ll be utterly pointless. I seriously doubt you could hear, much less listen, to anything outside that thick shroud of creepiness that envelopes you.

I guess my key takeaway in the short time I knew you was that I was able to hone my diplomatic skills. It’s a testament to my devotion to my closest girl friends that I kept my misgivings to myself and tried very, very hard to be polite to you even if gut feel told me otherwise.

No, there is nothing manly about you who speaks ill of your ex(es) and does it like a broken record. The way you ranted on with that appeal to pity look didn’t fool me. I’ve never really figured out how my two friends fell for someone who had no scruples and proceeded to test years of friendship.

Unfortunately for you, they are not as shallow as you might think. I thought the lowest you can stoop to was to make them fall for you and make the other betray a friend. I hated you before I even knew of what you did. Now, I can only hope you disappear from my sphere of consciousness.

I heard and read all the nasty things you said to bash one of them. I saw how you manipulated each one to make them believe you were the victim. You’re such a sorry excuse for a human being.

The only reason I didn’t jump into that mud ring you’re playing at is because it’s not my battle to fight. But it’s extremely irritating to watch you bash women and go on as if you’re the one who’s been played.

But your craziness is amazingly beyond anything I’ve recently encountered. I’m feeling more and more like a bystander caught in your road rage. Thankfully, I’m cushioned by my instincts. I’ve never agreed to your repeated invitations to go out even without my other friends, I refused every offer to drive me home when you and my friend insisted I meet with you, and I resisted every effort to be drawn into your orbit. Things are unraveling now and you’re craziness stands out.

I warn you not to cross the line. I’m almost sure you were the one who sent those text messages at the wee hours of the morning. I’m not as stupid as you think women are. That’s you’re main weakness, you think women to be insipid creatures who’re just experimenting on you. I hate to be the one to teach you a lesson. So be warned, don’t tempt me into jumping in that ring and beating the hell out of you. Jerk!

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